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Blow-by-Blow Vuvuzelas

 The distinctive noise that you heard at South Africa’s World Cup games is produced by the vuvuzela - a two-foot-long plastic blowing horn. This wind instrument has become a symbol of South African soccer games. It produces sound so loud it can cause temporary tinnitus - ringing in the ears without external sound - to permanent hearing loss, especially when surrounded by the plastic trumpets in a stadium.

 A hearing loss charity in the UK sent warning to soccer fans to protect their eardrums. The trumpet can pump out sound up to 130 decibels - 10 decibels above what the human ear can endure - depending on the blowing technique and pressure exerted.

 Just how noisy is a vuvuzela? Well, it produces sound louder than a lawn mower or chain saw at 110 decibels or an ambulance at 120 decibels.

 Prolonged exposure to sounds above 85 decibels can damage the ears. As such, permanent noise-induced hearing loss could result. This can be aggravated by music and other noise after the games.

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