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Behind the ear (BTE)

Perhaps the image most people bring to mind when they think of hearing aids, this type of hearing aid rests behind the ear. It’s attached to the ear by a thin piece of tubing shaped to the ear. This type of aid can be more durable than others and can assist more types of hearing loss than any other instrument.


In the ear (ITE)

Made out of an acrylic shell, this style of hearing aid is custom-designed to the shape of the ear. The shell fits within the outer portion of the ear. Patients with limited manual dexterity may find this style of hearing aid preferable due to the size and easy access to controls. It is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss.


In the canal (ITC)

Smaller than the in-the-ear version, this shell is custom-designed to fit the contours of the ear canal. Only a small portion of the hearing aid is visible in the outer ear, so many patients find this style more discreet. This style of hearing aid is suitable for mild to moderately severe hearing loss.


Completely in the canal (CIC)

Because it fits so deep in the ear canal, this custom-designed hearing aid is barely visible. A tiny, clear plastic ball on a plastic line is the only thing visible – if you look closely. The plastic ball and line help with the placement and removal of the aid. This style of hearing aid is popular because of its small size, but some people's ear canals may make it unsuitable for them. This style of hearing aid can be used for mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

Dr. Andrews offers a full range of 100% digital hearing aids to meet your needs and budget. Call Doctors’ Hearing Center at 770.676.7208 or fill out our online Appointment Request form to schedule your one-on-one time with audiologist Dr. Andrews. Our hearing aid patients come to us from Milton, Roswell, Johns Creek, Alpharetta and Duluth in Fulton County, GA.



I´m 61 years old and lost my hearing gradually over many years. Because my hearing loss developed so slowly, I never realized it was happening. But my friends and family sure did. Because of them, I decided to get my hearing tested. Dr. Andrews keeps working with you until you are satisfied. That´s what I like. I haven´t heard this well in years. ~ R. McGreggor