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Comprehensive examination and evaluation

Most people do not realize that many balance problems start in the ears, in what’s known as the vestibular system. Thanks to today’s advanced technology, we can more accurately diagnose these problems.

It starts with a comprehensive examination, balance test and evaluation of the person’s vestibular system. It includes all three divisions of the ear: outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear. Our board-certified doctor of audiology, Robin Andrews, AuD, uses specialized equipment to perform this testing.

Videonystagmography – This highly specialized technology allows Dr. Andrews to evaluate the entire vestibular system. It helps him correctly and accurately diagnose possible balance problems.

Identifying the location

The purpose of the test is to determine if the dizziness comes from the inner ear or the central nervous system. Although the balance organs are part of the inner ear, the entire balance system includes the brain, brainstem, eyes and sensory nerves throughout the body. When one or more of these systems is not working properly, dizziness and imbalance can occur. Once the location is identified, a specific treatment program can be developed to overcome the dizziness and imbalance.

Dr. Robin S. Andrews has had extensive training in the testing, treatment and management of patients with vestibular disorders. He has taken coursework from experts in this specialized field including those at the American Institute of Balance, Emory University and St. Joseph’s Hospital Neuro-Otology Center. Neurologists and Otolaryngologists (ENT) physicians rely upon Dr. Andrews to assist them with the management of their patients. 

If you or a loved one needs help with a balance or vestibular problem, call Doctors’ Hearing Center at 770.676.7208. You can book your preferred dizziness and balance test simply by filling out our online Request an Appointment form. Our dizziness and balance patients come to us from Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Duluth, Milton and Roswell in Fulton County, GA.



I´m 61 years old and lost my hearing gradually over many years. Because my hearing loss developed so slowly, I never realized it was happening. But my friends and family sure did. Because of them, I decided to get my hearing tested. Dr. Andrews keeps working with you until you are satisfied. That´s what I like. I haven´t heard this well in years. ~ R. McGreggor