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What’s Ringing, the Phone or My Ears?

Prolonged cell phone use may lead to chronic tinnitus.


According to a study published online in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, people who have been using mobile phones regularly over the past four years have twice the risk of developing chronic tinnitus. Tinnitus is described by patients as the sound of escaping steam or as a constant ringing in the affected ear. The high microwave energy from mobile phones may be the cause, but there is still no concrete evidence for this.


Mobile phones are increasingly a part of every person’s daily life. Every year, millions of people are joining the mobile trend. Although there is no direct connection yet, the incidence of chronic tinnitus is also increasing. Once present, tinnitus may be difficult to treat. If symptoms are present, it is best to see a physician right away. As in most cases concerning hearing, an audiometry/audiology examination may be necessary.


Audiometry tests an individual’s hearing ability. Audiometric tests determine the person’s hearing levels with the help of an audiometer and can also measure ability to discriminate between different sound intensities, recognize pitch or distinguish speech from background noise.




I´m 61 years old and lost my hearing gradually over many years. Because my hearing loss developed so slowly, I never realized it was happening. But my friends and family sure did. Because of them, I decided to get my hearing tested. Dr. Andrews keeps working with you until you are satisfied. That´s what I like. I haven´t heard this well in years. ~ R. McGreggor